A year ago today I launched this website!
This past year has been an amazing one, filled with excitement both in my personal and professional life.
This is just a quick hello I wanted to say on this special date, but please stay tuned as I will be back shortly with a lot new content on the blog, as well as a couple of brand new services!
Thank you for a wonderful year! Love, Valeria

Pebble Beach 2014 Style Diary

The origins of the Concours d' Elegance can be traced to aristocratic France of the 17th century, where fancy carriages paraded and latest fashions were displayed. However this practice reached its high point in Paris of the 1930s, when streamlined coachbuilt cars were displayed next to the latest art deco fashions, color coordinated to match the cars.
In recent years, the Concours became more about the display and judging of beautiful and rare historic cars, and less about fashion.
However, the Pebble Beach Concours d' Elegance shows that the link between automotive style and sartorial expression is not dead.  While the "uniform" for the most men is generally a blue blazer and straw hat, some men tended to sport brightly hued trousers and shoes to counterpoint the conservative look. Women's looks ran the gamut from period costumes that matched their husband's cars to more contemporary outfits.  Accessories not commonly seen on the street, such as elaborate hats, scarves, and long gloves were both commonplace and practical due to the cool climate on the Monterey Peninsula. Below are some photos I took at last week's Concours showing some of my favorite looks and moments of the day.