Hello! These are all questions people have asked me. If you have one, send it here. I will be happy to reply!

I realize my style is in a major rut and that I need someone to help me out. Besides getting my wardrobe up-to-speed, can you share other benefits your services provide?

From experience with clients, I've noticed that after working together they feel more confident and open to personal and professional possibilities.  The benefits of our time together will last way beyond the current season.  You will be equipped to take charge of the image you convey, and you will be able to fit it and tweak it into all of the different parts of your life.
Every morning you will open a closet exclusively filled with items that you love, and dressing will be an exciting experience and not a stress. When shopping, you will be able to identify the pieces that actually complement your wardrobe, avoiding wasting money on items that you will never wear.  You will know what pieces of clothes fit your style, coloring, body and lifestyle, creating your very own personal style.

I love that you’re from Milan and admire your extensive background in fashion. I know that I could definitely use “your eye” and advice to help me get ready in the mornings. However, I don’t have  a “high-end” lifestyle and fear that my current stage in life may bore you to tears. Could you help someone like me?

Absolutely! Getting dressed is like eating: you have to do it every day, so you might as well do it well! Whether you have a 9-to-5 desk job, you own a company, or you are a stay-at-home parent, I want you to be excited to get dressed every morning!  No matter what life stage you are currently in, I will be thrilled to help you. Just as in my movie work, every character deserves a costume that tells his/her story.

I am fascinated by your effortless and elegant style and would like to learn how to incorporate those elements into my wardrobe. However, I fear that achieving these will require a large budget.

A wardrobe that fits your style and lifestyle goals shouldn’t necessarily require a fortune.
While working on independent films, I learned how to make magic out of incredibly small budgets, and sharing how I do it is one of the things I love to do with my clients.
Still not sure and need some numbers? I can work with anything from $200 up for your wardrobe budget.

Do you get a commission based on your client’s purchases?

Absolutely not. Unlike many personal shoppers, I work exclusively for my clients, and I don’t get any commission from any of the store we visit. You are  encouraged to buy only what you really love and what makes you feel good. Whenever something doesn’t “look like You” I will make sure to teach you why that is, so that the next time you shop you will know what to choose and what to avoid.

How do you decide which stores to take your clients to?

We decide together.

Can you also help me shop for lingerie?

Yes, I firmly believe that the overall success of an outfit starts from carefully selected undergarments.

Who did the illustrations on your website?

The wonderful Olimpia Zagnoli.