Capsule Styling is a service I designed for those who are not yet ready to go through the Sort, Shop and Style process, but would like to try the benefits of my work in a specific area of their wardrobe.  For instance, if you want to get a better job - we'll do a Work Capsule. If you want to improve your dating appeal - we'll do a Dating Capsule. If you would like to enhance your style for social situations - we'll do a Social Capsule. Or, if you would like to look good at the gym - we'll create a Workout Capsule.
With capsule styling, we will focus on creating a strategic wardrobe that will get you in the right frame of mind to reach out and capture that specific goal, whether it is a career, romantic, or personal one.
In this service we will analyze a specific part of your lifestyle and the wardrobe necessities that come with it.
By the end of our time together you will have a go-to wardrobe that supports and enhances your current goals in one specific area of your life.
This service makes a great gift for a friend or loved one who has been working hard towards a specific life goal. Show your love and encouragement by helping them complete their transformation!


STEP 1: 


(45 MINS)

We’ll begin with a Skype consultation where I learn about you and the specific area of your life where you want to try the benefits of a streamlined and strategic wardrobe.
We will talk about what's currently in your closet and discuss what you like and don't like about it, so that I have an understanding of what your style goals are and the type of Capsule we will be focusing on.


STEP 2:  


(2.5 HRS)

With your lifestyle needs and wardrobe goals in mind, we will SORT through your in-season Capsule (for example: Fall Work Wardrobe). I will provide honest feedback about what works, what doesn’t , and select items that need an alteration to work in your favor. At the end of the SORT you will have pieces that work for you and will help you achieve your Capsule goals.
I will then create up to 10 new looks for your Capsule using items already in your closet and show you how to intermix and accessorize pieces to create different results.
Digital photos will document each outfit, so you can easily recreate them on your own.



(Optional, 2 HRS)

If during the SORT we realize that your current wardrobe doesn't offer enough options to support your goals, you can always add a shopping component. We will stop at the SORT for the day and schedule a SHOP session where I will pre-shop department stores and local boutiques for you.  All you will have to do is walk into a private dressing room  and enjoy the thoughtful selection of items I've picked for you. After our SHOP, that same day, we will go back to your closet, incorporate your new items with your old favorites,  and create outfits to complete your Capsule Styling!



  • 2 Weeks of Ongoing Support: Feel free to text or email me with questions. 
  • Personalized Mood Board: Find inspirational images, shopping recommendations, brands and stores thoughtfully selected for you.