Ever since I was a little girl growing up in the heart of Milan, I have been fascinated by how people dress. How their choices in attire signify their identities and their aspirations to the world around them in both conscious and unconscious ways. I have been a lifelong student of this aspect of individual style, and it’s a quest for understanding the nuances of self-identity that suffuses my film work and my consulting practice.

Coming of age in a city that lives and breathes fashion and visual culture, I started photographing people at a young age, and soon found myself styling fashion shoots and working backstage at fashion shows before getting a BA in Fashion Business. After relocating to New York City, I continued my studies, becoming a certified Image Consultant alongside a career in film doing costume design, always focused on realism and rich in period research. For example, I love to spend my time thinking “how would a 1950’s butcher dress if he is relaxing at home after work?” and then find a compelling and authentic way to answer that question visually in the film.

But cinema is the realm of characters and fiction, and I am equally fascinated by real people’s search for identity or belonging. Of course we all want to look good or be “in style,” but my philosophy of how I approach my work is about much more than that.  It’s about helping you find a way for you to express the real you in a way that is genuine and compelling to you and to those around you. It’s about finding a way for you to be comfortable in your own skin so that your own confidence and individual voice will be amplified to those surrounding you, whether at work, or in social or romantic situations.